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Two sisters face identical nightmares when each of their sons is diagnosed with the same deadly leukemia. The boys’ fight to survive coincides with perhaps the most miraculous medical story of the twentieth century. When doctors adopted a revolutionary new approach to clinical trials, they not only developed a cure for childhood leukemia, they established the foundation of chemotherapy treatment as it is known today.


In Trials, Bradley uses the personal journals of his wife and her sister to guide readers through a world where toxic, experimental treatments were given to children by doctors who wondered at time if they were doing more harm than good. More than one hundred interviews with physicians, nurses, and parents of children with cancer further illuminate this story. Trials will leave you wondering, “Could I do that? Do I have that kind of courage?”

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Trials is Larry Bradley’s first book. His nephew, Aaron Forman, fought bravely against his leukemia through multiple remissions and relapses, and through an experimental bone marrow transplant before his eventual death at age thirteen. Shocked after his son received the same leukemia diagnosis eight years after his nephew’s death, Bradley witnessed the miracle of his son’s survival due to a revolutionary new approach to clinic trials.

Bradley has participated for more than twenty years with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and volunteered with Candlelighters for Children with Cancer. He volunteered for a short time as an aide on the pediatric oncology floor at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, and he is personally acquainted with scores of families who have a child with cancer.

A business graduate of Linfield College, Bradley retired in 2018 after a successful thirty-year career in sales, marketing, and development. He and Mary Lou, his wife of forty years, live in Eugene, Oregon, where. They have two grown sons and two grandchildren.

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